Lip Ice Packs (x10)

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Bio Aesthetic lip ice packs are washable, reusable and made of a safe material of medical grade with non-toxic gel beads. 10 packs included.

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The Gel is the doctor-designed, drug-free way to relieve pain and inflammation. Gel bead packs use innovative technology that absorbs and delivers heat & cold for the doctor recommended 20 minutes of highly effective therapy. Their dual action provides twice the therapeutic benefit in a single pack: start with ice to reduce swelling and bruising, then switch to heat for penetrating pain relief. 


Whether chilled or heated,  gel bead conveniently holds its temperature for the doctor recommended time and conforms to your body to deliver the perfect relief from your aches and pains. 




Place the product in refrigerator for 1 hour, or place in freezer for shorter cooling time. Make sure the pack is laid on flat surface to ensure beads are arranged evenly. Apply directly to affected area. 


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