PDO Thread Training Near me


PDO Thread Training near me

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During your training day, you will delve into the science behind PDO Threads and how they actually work in the skin. You will also establish what other complementary advanced treatments can be use alongside PDO Threads to enhance their effects and to provide the best possible outcome to your clients.

What we cover in this work pack:

  • Introduction of the PDO Threads (polydioxanone)
  • History behind PDO Threads
  • What are PDO threads
  • The principles of PDO Thread Lifting
  • Why we Age…
  • Skin healing and the Science
  • Areas to treat
  • 5 point PDO lift
  • Consultation and assessment of client
  • Combining different types, lengths of threads
  • Complications
  • Contra-indications
  • Follow up
  • Aftercare
  • What next and combination therapy
Full Price £949

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